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Please complete the following registration form.  Fields in red are required.  Click the Submit Registration button when you have completed the form.  Your registration will be processed as quickly as possible and you will be contacted via phone or email when your profile has been set up.
  First Name:   Initial:   Last Name:
  Company:   Address:   LOB:
  City:   State:   Zip Code:
  Email:   Phone: - -   Ext:   
  Fax:  - -

Norfolk Southern Sponsor E-mail Address:  This should be a Norfolk Southern employee who knows you, knows where you work, and has contact with you on a regular basis.  This could be a Sales and Marketing Rep, Trainmaster, or anyone whom you work closely with at NS.

  NS Sponsor Email: Help me find my NS sponsor

   Please check the Norfolk Southern application(s) which you are requesting:

Bill of Lading- Submit shipment instructions to NS via the Internet.

Freight Bills- This application is for users who APPROVE, REVIEW and/or PAY NS Freight Bills. Your request will be vetted. If you have any questions please email:

Equipment Orders- Shippers, order empty equipment for loading.  

      Rail Loading Location (city/state):      

     Railroad Serving the Industry:           

     Equipment Type Needed:                  

     Commodity Loaded:                           


  Coal Transportation Management System - Manage and monitor your coal unit trains.      
Commodity Transportation Management System- Manage and monitor your grain unit trains .      
Scrubber Stone (Available 2006)      
Commodity Transportation Management System- Manage and monitor your scrubber stone unit trains .      
Intermodal Applications- A suite of Shipper/Bill-To specific inquiries (Pickup Numbers, Units Enroute, Terminal Inventories, Units Ingated or Outgated etc. )
Intermodal Dray Applications- A suite of Trucker/Draymen specific inquiries (QuickTrak, QuickDray, Gate Receipts, Intermodal Dray Applications). This application is for Drayage Customers only.  
ExpressNS Dispatcher Application- Web application for motor carriers designed to enhance the operational productivity of dispatchers and drivers  

  Enter free form comments. Please provide an example Car Initial and Number that would show your company's name on an active NS waybill.  For Intermodal customers, include one example for each lane of traffic you will be tracking!

*Note: Before clicking Submit Registration, please insure that your form includes either an NS Sponsor Email or an example Car Initial and Number.  This will greatly expedite the registration process.